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solo exhibition by Cissy van der Meer/Amara Photos


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The story behind the Wood

The wood pieces on the wall represent only 18% (estimate) of the driftwood collection I collected from the beaches in Paracas, a town three hours south of Lima. 

I am always intrigued by these found objects How long had this wood been floating around before it washed onto the shore for me to find? What part of a fishing boat was it?

I always hope that is was not an essential part...


Serie - Green Dragons looking in the Mir

The story behind the Paddles and the Oxa tree trunks


The wooden paddles you see in every small boat in the Iquitos area, appearing in different colors or in just natural wood. On assignment with DB-Perú and Dining for Women, the ladies of the group just loved these peddles.

So for the lovely ladies of Dining for Women I arranged natural wood peddles, as an authentic reminder of our special days at Rio Napo. Not the most logistical or practical gift, however, with a lot of talking I did manage to get on the plane back to Lima from Iquitos, and again from Lima to the USA.

​On my trips I always scout for souvenirs with a hint of Orange (being Dutch and all). The paddles of our main boat were indeed orange, and so it was mean to be. 

Tree Trunks

There is a limit to what one can fly back with from Iquitos to Lima, so I decided to prioritize the paddles over the beautiful pieces of wood I saw.

Much to my joy, in Oxapampa - the start of the Peruvian Jungle - I saw my favorite trees once again. Even better, these pieces were just laying along the side of a muddy road. Luckily luggage restrictions don't apply when travelling by your own car, though it did take some convincing for the doubtful looking husband. "Really, one day they will be of good use for something..." See - I was right!


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¡ Perspectiva ! Personal Project - Look for the Light
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