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top 6 list to remedying a Blue-ish mood

and other funny 'non' fiction

Even after 'reading' and 'reading' them again, Garfield comics make me smile, without fail. 

If I'm behind a computer I'll run a Pintrest search using terms like 'Funny' or 'Grumpy Cat' or 'Minions.'


Hooray for YouTube: Ode to Joy is always brilliant


Alarm Clock 6.06 - 7.07
leeway to snooze

I know, it's cheating. Just not a morning person - so built in some snooze time. And yep, after 3x 5 minutes: 5,4,3,2,1 - and go start the day!

6.06, 7.07 or 8.08 - starting the day with a funny reminder:
Life does not have to be lived by conventional standards 


The Only Way is Up
or the power of cheerful, campy playlists

Celery Sticks and Cucumber
that would make sense

However, there is a reason I have an elaborate selection of 'Sweet Delights' photographs...

Stracciatella, Salted-Caramel, and Vanilla Ice cream are some of my favorites - and preferably with chocolate sauce! 

On the savory side, guacamole with a bag of taco chips and/or

a big Sushi boat will do just fine to life up the mood!

Happy Walk (thanks Roca & Aqua) 

Make funny faces in the mirror and, regardless of Blue mood, Smile. Do it 'a la Jenny,' in other words, the biggest LOL Smile you can give
And make a Happy Walk to.... well, there should be ice cream in the freezer...well, now that you are Smiling again, perhaps we ignore the freezer 'cuz you want to keep the scale sort of happy too...

Forget DIY
App-reach out 

Use your favorite messenger system for a little positive energy. 'Can you send me a joke?', 'Some little sweetie pictures of your daughter? Son? My godchild? Your dog? Please??' 

371 : 33 x 45 =

Math is the Best, for two reasons:

  1. Surely it takes up all your brain power to solve this one (no more room for Blue-ish thoughts)

  2. It'll get you to work out, as you run around to find your phone for the calculator

  3. Instant happiness from the realization that you don't have to pass math exams any more

  4. I know, I said two reasons. I know, I said the top 6 list... see point 'Alarm Clock'. I rest my case

In the creative flow

And seriously sounding cheesy: grab a camera and just start taking images, freestyle! It always works.

The easiest way for me to snap out of the blue and into a sunny feeling: photographing anything I please!


Oh! Those moments you feel Blue without any good reason.... BLEH!  
What to do - without breaking the bank or to bother others to much?


My top 6 list for a Fast Track to a Smile:

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