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WHAT'S in a NAME...

a multi cultural perspective

In Latin the name seems to have two meanings:

'Bitter/Sour' and 'Beloved.'

The sparkling side of life

is the main focus of Amara-Photos.  


I do like the fact that a part of the name connects

to the bitter, edgy side of life as well.

This contrast

is very interesting to zoom into, photography wise.

Apparently Amara is a common name in Mongolia,

as it is derived from the verb Amarakh,
meaning peaceful.

In Ethiopian legends Amara means 'Paradise'

and signifies

'beautiful & gracious.'

The Amhara ethnic group in Ethiopia

accounts for about 23 million people.


In Sanskrit

the name Amara refers to

the number



it means 'Immortal'

and is also

a type of tree.

Finally, some argue

that the name   

'Amara' and  'Maria'

have the same root.

So it strengthens the special connection 

to my dearest Maria friends;
some of the strongest

and most inspirational ladies I know!


On the look out for a business name, I googled Amara.

It was a name I was familiar with as it can be found in numerous languages and cultures around the world.

Interestingly, each culture attributes their own signification to 'Amara,' and yet each one

aligns with my personal photography views:

My photography passion started in Latin America, where

'Amar' means love!

Amara is derived from the Greek "amarantos,"
meaning eternal, unfading

To me, that is the core of the intent of my photography.

Photography as a gift for lasting memories.

My professional carrier as a photographer started
in the Arabic Peninsula.
In Arabic there are two meanings for Amar:

Moon & Beauty

You can use Amar as a
compliment for ones beauty.


As well, with its meaning as 'Moon,'  

it connects to my LunArtic Society


Capturing Unfading Memories

Amara's photos take on the value of photography

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