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it's all about your story

Amara Photos services are always customized and personalised to your needs.

On the job, it's hands on - ensuring we get the images we envisioned. 

Photography is one of my passions. I use it to portray what people are passionate about.

Zooming in on the work of proud professionals, capturing the genuine smiles of you and your loved ones,
putting the spotlight on vibrant musicians and culinary creations. 

Empowered by the synergy of our

passions we create your signature images

With my former work experiences in the field of Marketing Communication I have a good feel for the story that needs to be told.

Creating brand enhancing images, in a consistent look and feel. Working in a pragmatic way - Knowing all too well about deadlines that can't be missed

  • Through our preparation we enable spontaneity, which in turn leads to natural, authentic images

  • Focused creativity at the shoot - combined with high energy fun

  • Striking images that you will proudly share and cherish

Volunteering is a vital part of my personal and professional life.

Every year Amara Photos offers a charity photography package to three charity organisations

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