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solo exhibition by Cissy van der Meer/Amara Photos

Exhibition impressions - Perú ¡Perspectiva!  
The exhibition
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Treat yourself, click this link and see all images one by one.

Be ready to meet the Green Dragon...

Have a laugh, when learning about the inspiration of the 'Ode to Joy' image...
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About Perú ¡Perspectiva!

While living in Peru (2015-2019) I was privileged to experience local life from different perspectives.

Dear friends shared their Lima city life with me, making 'Lima la Gris' colorful and filled with warmth.

Traveling gave me a feel for rural life. I felt at home in the freezing cold highlands as well as in the soaring heat of the Amazon jungle, and everywhere in between.

I am grateful for the opportunity gallery 'Casa de mis Amigos' has given me to share some of the captured memories at this exposition:
Peru ¡ Perspectiva !

Enjoy & Hugs,



About the photographer
About the photographer


Cissy is 24/7 crazy about ice cream, sushi and she Absolutely Adores Penguins.

She is a photojournalist who loves culinary adventures and live music performances.

Born and raised in Holland, her first solo backpack adventure took her to South America. Since then her love for exploring has continued to grow.

She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Peru - all within the past 12 years.

Fall 2019, it's time to go back to the base: Delft in the Netherlands. The Jeep/Panda will be traded for the Dutch way - reunited with her bike!

New adventures here she comes!

Behind the Scenes
Behind he scenes

First Solo Exhibition in Peru is not Solo at all!

Friends and family helped select the set of photos. Jackie curated the final set "You know, I love them all. Let's make it a solo exhibition, of just your work. And these ones? Big on the main wall at Colonia [her cafe], please'. WOW!

Fotolaser took care of the immaculate colourful prints - perfectly processed by Olinda & Carla. Level hanging - the next challenge - hooray for the help of Marco and Seven (Sunny & Jancko, nope, no laser leveling).

My various WhatsApp supporters - thanks for just reacting with an uplifting '¡Excelente!' when I sent a sneak preview of the very slow work in progress.


A&E, 24/7 stars arranging my Spanglish. Sheila Christensen Jeanneau, an amazing lady who cooked up culinary surprises and knows how to handle CC (Champagne and Cissy), WoW!

So...having a Solo exhibition... did not feel solo at all: Hooray for my international and Lima support tribe 🤩🤩🤩

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