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focus on making your images uniquely yours

To ensure you get your set of images how you envisioned them

we'll work together in three phases:

Prepare well,

have fun while Creating,

and, as a result, 

Enjoy your Striking images

Planning enables spontaneity

Prior to the photo shoot we will determine the specific style you are looking for in the images. This will allow us to create the shot list, which in turn will allow me to advise you on what to bring or any other steps necessary to be prepared.

An example would be a photo shoot for a restaurant. In this case it's not only about the dishes and ingredients, but also the stove (get it cleaned and shined), tablecloths and aprons (they should be impeccably ironed), etc. Every detail matters!

When both parties come prepared it creates free space to seize those moments when spontaneous creativity sparks.

As the work is customized, the pricing will depend on the specific style and shot list we set for our session. We will work that out in our meeting prior to the photo session.

Warm up and find the creative flow

On location or in my homey studio, my photography gear is of high-end professional level. Along with my expertise, this means that under any circumstance—be it an overcast picnic outside or a brightly lit office— I know how to get your image right!

While I don't work exactly 'on the clock' (after all, getting the images you want is most important), I do understand that photo shoots can become tiring and it's important to make them fun.


The original shot list is our base, and once in the proper flow we'll see what additional surprises we create!

Alessandro Safina

with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

and share our work


Music is there to be heard,
Food is there to be indulged,
Photos are there to be seen

So go ahead, share your photos on social media, print your own stamp or, more subtle, reserve a billboard in New York's Times Square for New Year's Eve!

Hooray for Trust
I love my logo, however, I would never place it or any watermark on your images. In my opinion it disturbs the pureness of the image. I'd rather rely on a trust system.

Trust that, while posting on social media, you will tag the photographer and other contributors to the image properly. It's a win-win situation for both of us as more people will see our work!​

In the case that you need to have your logo on the image, that can be accommodated.

24/7 access and file sizes

You will get a private access link to your images. Where ever you are, 24/7 you can enjoy, select, share and download your images.

The files on the link are suitable for web-usage and up to A4 printing. For larger scale printing I will happily provide you the edited original to do so!

Let's start
A memorable journey

Liked what you've seen in the portfolios? Agree with what you read about my way of working?

Let's have a talk—in person or, next best option, video chat—focusing on you and your story, and how we will visualize your ideas into striking images!

Drop me a message or call – whatever suits you best. 

​Looking forward to hearing from you,


Time flies
when you're having

About Amara's work attitude

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