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@ Amara Perspectiva

Passion is the key

to finding focus

In personal and professional life

Once there is passion,

there is
an interesting story

to be told

Amara Perspectiva 
loves to capture 


signature visuals
for you


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From capturing proud professionals in the kitchen or on stage, to preserving special moments shared between growing families or newlyweds, I'm creatively driven by the joy of others and the new perspectives shared with me.

Empowered by the synergy of our

passions, together we can create signature images.

With extensive experience in the field of Marketing Communication I have a good feel for the story that needs to be told.

Creating brand-enhancing images that are consistent in look and feel is of high priority, and of no less importance is making a deadline by way of pragmatism.

  • Natural, authentic images are the result of being preparing and detail-oriented

  • There will be absolute focus the day of the shoot powered by high energy fun to spark creativity.

  • Pictures are to be cherished and shared with loved ones, so enjoy!

Volunteering is a vital part of my personal and professional life.

Every year Amara Photos offers a charity photography package to three charity organizations



 Focus on making others shine 

Behind the camera, I'm right in my comfort zone.
In front of the lens? That's not really my thing. 

I understand why people claim to be 'unphotogenic,' however, as a photographer, I know that this is utter nonsense. With my guidance and our teamwork, we'll capture the best version of yourself—naturally.

Take a look through my portrait portfolio, a collection of honest yet striking images. Only one of my clients shown was a model, though the rest could be!

 Sharing the beauty of travelling life 

Every four years my husband and I have the opportunity to relocate to a new country. It's an experience that we don't take for granted, seizing every moment to connect with different cultures, explore breathtaking landscapes, indulge in flavorful local dishes and meet new people.  


To live this travelling lifestyle is a privilege, which is why sharing the beauty of it is one of my main driving factors

Join me on my travels by way of the images found in the Travel and Peru portfolios. Enjoy! 



A hot, sunny afternoon in Doha, Qatar. I had just arrived at the jazz club to drop off my stepladder for a photo shoot later that day when—WHOA!  Suddenly I was face to face with my favorite jazz musicians, including top saxophonist Myron Walden (pictured here) only all in larger than life print!

Thanks to one of the club's dear security guards for capturing such a happy moment.

Joy of Photographing
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are you up to it ?

 Your 1-2-3 contribution 

Your challenge is to put me on a daring path! All you need to do is send me your quick responses to the three short questions that appear to the right.

 Your premium 

Based on your input, I'll send you an image back as a thank you for the creative challenge. It may be obviously related to your responses or it could be a complete surprise; either way I hope to charm you into a smile when you see it. A true sign of our Synergy of Passions at work.

 Thank you 

I look forward to find out on what path you send me on.

Thank you for contributing to, now our, Freestyle & Passion project!

Con cariño, Cissy

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