in multi cultural perspective

Establishing Amara Photos was only possible with the support of dear family and friends, and open minded fellow photographers.

Whether our crossed paths online or in real life:

The interaction was and is an invaluable Inspiration to learn and to continue growing!

with   special Thanks  to  
- in order of appearance - 

What's in a name.... Amara 

Bosrand 17
First Froggy Jumps

My parents & dearest family for patiently supporting all the froggy jumps I made.

From my very first ‘failed’ photos when I was seven, to exploring many side-tracks, to finally find the main road now: Amara Photos





My photography passion started in Latin America, where

'Amar' means love!'

For not listening to 'go away'

Richard – thanks for trying to take my picture at the schools sports day! Despite being snarled at by 17 year old me: “GO Away!!! I don’t like to be photographed”.

It marked the start of a life time dearest friendship : )

Travel Life Compagnion & Techno wizz

Jurgen – amongst others: dear photography companion.

Who is never tired to together gadget techno geek. And, despite the fact that I should: he doesn’t ask to delete photos. He just arranges extra storage capacity in the server...

Thanks for the Inspired flights as well!

First likes
@ Starting up 

Thanks to the first and loyal Amara Photos supporters: DesAart, Alan Morissy of the Sand Ladder, the Rabbateniers, Maria Greece, Maha, Madeleine and Lieke.

the Princesses
Jasmine & Rita 

‘Princess Jasmine’ for my first product/fashion photography assignment. Fun to see the transition in the years we’ve worked together!‘

Princess Ball’ Rita for the opportunity of the first major event photography at her amazing Princess Souq Ball

the Ladies Crew

Qatar enablers
to see the bright sides

Richard Dutchie, Richard Aussie, John and Therese, Pippa, Lucy, Kelvin, Kaarin, Ben, Kristy and big little friend Helaina, Glen and Waseem for giving me renewed perspectives on Qatari life & photography

Best 'boss'
it will be .k

MIA-Mark P- thx for among others, keeping up trust in the final .K! – It makes you my best ‘boss’ ever!

Mister El Nour – for showing me different focus on paintings on a wall...

Out of the Box team
triple platium standard

Pinguin Masters Nancy, Gregory, Michelle, Hoss Verty and the talented and/or crazy Chefs at Ritz-Carlton Doha:

Forget about the Golden Standard. You were triple Platinum standard to me!

Thx for truly Thinking out of the Box together.

Second home
Jazz at Lincoln Center 

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha became my second home in Doha, with special thanks to Yves. Grateful for how you opened up the doors to my ‘Doha family’- the dynamic Marketing Communication team of St Regis and the crew of the Jazz club!
The essential light is not about techno stuff but it’s in the persons, like invaluable Mr. Sharky!

Qatar Red Crescent Society
Part of a spcecial family

Qatar Red Crescent Society – grateful and proud to have been part of this generous volunteer society. Still smiling about the helicopter photo journalism opportunity at the Third Disaster Management Camp!

Sunny Slow Down to Speed Up

Marvelous Madeleine, Inspiring David and Genius Sunny, among others – for bringing back the believe in sunny photographers team spirit and to pointing out the contra-natural Slow Down!

Welcome to Peru
perfect start in Qatar


Yvette & Bart - some surprises put you on a fast track. Thanks for introducing us to Julio and his lovely wife & for our first Pisco.

We started already in Qatar to indulge true Peruvian Haute Cuisine. Most importantly, we got a preview of the warm hospitality of Peruvians. Your introductions to Angelita Patricia and wonderful Rosario kick started our life in Lima!

Living in Peru
Photographic focus


Living in Peru - among others, it's indulging to photograph delicious Peruvian gastronomy.


Teaming up with great journalists like Agnes, Sheila and Carsten has truely enriched my (photography) life in Perú. 

Agnes, thanks for giving a photography focus in Lima!  

Mr. Purple Umbrella
so let yourself Reach for the star

Take an umbrella with you - and you will be sure it's not gonna rain. So when you got an umbrella put up for you in Houston - gotta mean it will be 'Houston, we Don't have a problem'

Thx for hanging in with the Rambling Spurrs Sparks

Perú 'Chiccas'
Purple Shoelace project

Last but certainly not least: Dearest PeruChicas – No Way I could have accomplished the Purple Shoelace Project without you.


Happy there are many more projects for us to come - ARK rules! 



Amara is derived from the Greek "amarantos".
It means
eternal, unfading

To me, that is the core of the intent of my photography.

Photography as a gift for lasting memories.


My professional carrier as photographer started at the Arabic Peninsula.
In Arabic there are two meanings for Amar:

Moon & Beauty.
You can use Amar as a

compliment for ones beautifulness.
As well as  with it's meaning 'Moon';  

it connects to my LunArtic Society


In Latin the name seems to have two meanings:

'Bitter/Sour' and 'Beloved'.
The sparkling side of life is the main focus of Amara-Photos.  
I do like the fact that a part of the name connects

to the bitter edgy side life has as well.
An interesting contrast to zoom into photography wise.


Appearently Amara is a common name in Mongolia,

it is derived from the verb Amarakh
which means


In Ethiopian legends Amara means 'Paradise'

as well as it stands for

'beautiful & gracious'.

The Amhara people are an ethnic group in Ethiopia,

they number about 23 million.



In Sanskrit the name Amara refers to

the number 33,

it means 'Immortal'

and it is also

a type of tree.

Finally, some argue

that the name   

'Amara' and  'Maria' have the same root.


So it strengthens the special connection 

to my dearest Maria friends;
some of the

and most inspirational ladies I know!

"Photography is all about light', so they say.


Warm people inspiring me to see the light-

are the true stars behind every photo I took.


Grateful our paths crossed!


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