Amara Photography services are always customized and personalised to your needs. That said - please be warned: you are not only bringing in a photographer, but also many years of in-house marketeer and project/event coordinator experience. Invaluable insight on the set, focussing on your needs for marketing communication and real, joined-up team work.

signature visual branding

It's all about your business story.:

Key is to Prepare well,

have fun to Create,

with as result:  to Enjoy your Striking images

On the job
Extra eyes, ears and hands on!

An external photographer with diplomatic skills can ‘boss’ people around in a charming way. Getting a line up of  Arabic Energy Ministers to smile at the camera.  

Gordon Ramsay did not explode on a meet-and-greet, when some extra seconds where needed. To get his guest to take on a more flattering pose for her... Gordon actually told her: 'Better do as she says. That photographer is even bossier than me...'  

Business Focused
all on your team


Amara is at home in the world of branding, creative briefings and strict deadlines. Amara has a strong sense of the images you will need and brings marketing communication experience as extra asset to the table.


Teaming up with in house marketing or PR departments or editors - it is a good recipe to create images with strong marketing impact. Some of the highlights of how this works:


Amara's food photography featured among others in a recipe book for the Ritz-Carlton Doha and as the presentation photos of Qatari food on a prestigious trade delegation of Qatar to Japan. And just two days before moving to Peru – shooting the adverts of Gordon Ramsay's Opal’s new menu.

Jazz it up
Assigned photographer at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha

Unique value- the first Jazz At Lincoln Center outside New York was opening up at my home town Doha. Gotta be part of that - Amara pitched a full photographic concept. From Grand Opening untill the impressive last performance of the third season- captured it all. Amara created signature branding for Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha in print, social media and within the club's interior. Besides that, Amara produced two CDcovers for grammy nominated artist Omar Sosa and many other musicians still use their images as profile photos on their social media.

Up in the Stars
Photographing for top end resorts & 5 star hotels

CommunicationPrivileged to photograph extensively for St Regis Doha, Ritz-Carlton Doha as well for Grand Hyatt and Sheraton. Ranging from the capturing '1001 night fairy-tale looks of the Ramadan tents' to close ups of Art Pieces. Teaming up as 'external-in-house' MC photographer - it resulted in generated free publicity it into ‘Qatar Happening’ and ‘Doha Time Out’ with solid frequency. Press releases delivered with powerful photos to the  media– it works! Lebanese singer & actor Mike Massy even landed a cover because of this approach.

Time Flies
when  you're havin

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