a bit about the one behind the camera

Street-'wise' and camera smart

I learned to see  every day as a whole new world full of wonders. 

WIth that come the intrinsiek drive to become better in capturing it. To be able to share my adventures with my homebase, i realised i had to step up and aim for mastering photography.

I am mostly self-taught and additionally trained with various professional photography courses. Shout out to KelbyOne, CreativeLive and Lynda courses!

Most important - i got 'street'wise by photographing very varied themes, and keeping myself always on my toes to grow as photographer. 

Finding the love of my life


At Latin America I found the love of my life.

My love for exploring new horizons and passion for photographing

Experience - Saudi Arabia
Sand dunes, Princess dresses and weddings 


Being part of the team of Studio Malameh Alfan in Riyadh I was privileged to photograph spectacular Saudi weddings.


Exploring the country, preferably off road, resulted in many precious experiences. Some of which got published in magazines and where showed on exhibitions.  

Food, Events, Five star hotels, Ramadan, Qatar Red Crescent


The Ritz-Carlton Doha gave me to opportunity to dive into the world of food photography.

With our wonderful ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ Chef’s recipe book as result!

Via the Community Footprint programm of Ritz-Carlton, I came in contact with the Qatar Red Crescent. As only non-arabic speaking volunteer, I managed to contribute through my photos.   

My photography activities are under the name 'Amara Photos'. That sometimes leads to confusion, as my name is actually Cissy. But hey, read about the meanings of 'Amara' to understand why i have choosen that business name. Also, it spells why easier and inituiative than 'Sisi-Cizi-Sissi-Cissie'....

Firstly - I proudly present my very first photo's I ever took.
At my defense - I was only seven and with a technical complete unawarenes. I do remember how great it felt to go outside, with my mom's camara, all by myself! Wow!







Leaping forward - 1995. University Graduate.
Check. Done.
Working life can wait.
Let's spend my savings to spread my wings.

Off to Latin-America. For my first independent solo back-packing trip.
Why Latin-Amerca? I wanted to get acquinted to my favorite animal - Penguins!

Away from all, just me, my backpack and my first DSLR camera.
It turned out to be a Life Changing experience in many aspects:

Capturing the Tunes


Jazz at Lincoln Center comes to Doha? Whoa!!!


With my ‘Jazz in Doha at home at St Regis Doha’ photography mind map I convinced the Marketing director to be assigned to document the first year of the club. Well…


From the opening in september 2012 till my departure to Lima, Peru summer 2015, I was the assigned photographer for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha.


I was privileged to capture the jazzy vibes of so many amazing artists, among which Wynton Marsalis, Johnathan Batiste and Omar Sosa, resulting among others in many ‘likes’ on Facebook, advertisement campaigns and a permanent show display of the clubs vibrance at the clubs interior.

Marketing-communications, Photography, Joy


I have a BSc. in Marketing-Communication and a MSc. master in Management & Organisation Science. This background and varied work experience in those fields contribute positively to my photography work.


I understand corporate communication strategies. As a photographer I know how to create strong visuals. 


As an all round communications professional, I have a good feel for the story that needs to be told, whether it’s a business or a personal oriented one.

On a personal note - I am very serious about taking professional photos. Just as much, I am serious about enjoying taking the photos.  A bit messing around with practical jokes, like light gear pjyama parties, ice cream in the oven or a sushi fix; it's also  about having some laughs in the process! 


Thank you so much, dear security guard at St Regis.

For snapping me on a most happy moment.  

One of my favorite saxophonists,
Myron Walden,

featured at the entrance of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha!

Cool  to see my photo larger than life printed! 

Back home to Latin-America

From 2007 till summer 2015 I lived at the Arabian Penisula, I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to zoom in at Arabic traditions. 
After several warmly 'Masalama's' (or Noisy Send Off to put it in Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha terms) it was time to go to the other side of the world.

Twenty years after my first flight to Latin America- Lucky me - the new home base is 'The Culinary Capital of Latin America': Lima, Peru! 


My backpackers motto of 20 years back still stands:

Encantada de la vida!

I am excited to now have the joy of capturing the culinary delights, musical tunes and colorful life of Latin America’s countries!

Enjoy & Love,



Encantada de la Vida!
Enjoying life 

Motto since my  first backing days;

with the intent to keep it up till my last  granny days

the photographer

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