on irrestisable food images

Food is to be indulged and preferably – to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones. 

Amara Photos surely loves to be in the kitchen with her camera. As it is magical to capture how with great love for cooking chefs work their culinary wonders.

Signature professional photos are valuable marketing material to draw your future customer to your venue. Giving a sneak preview at your restaurant.
Showing your venue, where people will      *Indulge the fine food * Toast to life * Enjoy the special ambiance 

Powerful images of your irresitable food

To give your future guests a good ‘pre-taste’ we create images that portray your dishes in it’s most Yummy-Irresistible way. The art of preparing food especially for the camera – it’s a key process Amara Photos has ample experience in.

To get our mouthwatering images perfectly right, Amara Photos and Chef will consider, plan and perfect every detail.

Before the shoot we will set up an overall Foodie Moodie Concept Board, and ensure the styling of each dish is charateric yet fitting in the overall look & feel.

For each dish we make a preperation list – for the Chef and Amara.  Styling-wise,


Amara believes in keeping the integrity of the Real Fresh food. No fakes please!!! That said, she will bring a food styling kit enhancing the plating of the dish to the best camera perspective.


So don't be surprised when next to the camera things like cotton balls, glycerin, paint brush, flower-fix, vaseline, electric wires and toothpicks are unpacked ; ).

A la Carte
The Food Photography Menu

Amara Photos has an extensive food photography ‘menu’ to choose from: editorial coverage of a complete food story, guests experience photography, star images of a single dish, venue shots.

Cross-channel marketing gives so many great options to generate a strong customer involvement. Social media strategy and planning ahead are key to get a varied set of images. For example we can opt to create images of ‘Chef at work’ for Facebook, Mouthwatering images for Pintrest, Mini-Food-story on Instagram, editorial full food story for magazines.

In gastronomic terminology – there are ‘Quick Snacks’, ‘Dish of the Day’ and full flegded ‘a la carte Million courses Dinner’ options at Amara’s food photography menu card.

In Qater, Amara Photos worked with talented chefs of Opal Gordon Ramsay, Jeremy Steele of Doha’s most romantic restaurant in 2012 and of course brilliant chefs of Ritz-Carlton Doha to create the ‘Ritz-Carlton Chefs recipe book for VIP guests’.

The delicious Arabic food will always stay among Amara favorites. That said -there are new Latin tastes to be experienced - moving to Perú.

Food to the photo table 


From the new home base in Peru – it is time to Indulge the Latin American food !

  • ¡ Oh! ¡Ceviche!

  • ¡ Causa!

  • ¡ Quinoa!


First attempt to make Quinoa made one thing clear:
don’t change career path…. stick to photography…


So always looking for Talented Chefs who are ready for ‘out of the box innovative cooking-photography fusion recipes'!


Showcasing your delicious creations through engaging photographs, smartly using cross-channel marketing.


What will bring ‘Food to the table’- guests to your venue to enjoy your food & drinks : )

Happy to invite you to get together and discuss a customized

‘Gastronomic-Photo-Menu’ for your creations!

To start 'cooking' – contact me with a message or phone call!

"Thanks to Cissy from Amara Photos,

the photographer who took all these amazing photos"

Preface Recipe book - Out of the Box, Chef's creations from Ritz Carlton Doha

Richard Green, Executive Chef Ritz Carlton Doha, Chef of the Year 2012 - awarded by Caterer Magazine Middle East

Interested in food photography by Amara Photos?Will be happy to hear from you!




on visualising your business story

Personal Photography Business
in Amara Photos style this means
to establish a dynamic connection


Your strategic vision,
your knowledge of the unique features of your business
and the people who make it happen

Combined with

Amara's photography skills and creative perspective
using my marketing-communication background as an extra asset

Teaming up, we are good to go and create your signature business images! 

It's all about * Your Photos with a signature elegance * focus on your business story *  

# your business
Social media - editorial- Commercial


Amara Photos offers a range of corporate business photography services, in the categories:

  • Portraying your business in a documentary style or pure focus on product photos

  • CEO/Staff portraits in work envirnment and/or studio style

  • Event photography - enabling strong free publicity

  • Specialisation in the hospitality sector – especially food photography

·        Hospitality sector
all round focus

·        ​

·        In Qatar Amara Photos photographed extensively for the St. Regis Doha and Ritz Carlton Doha. As well as occassionally for Sheraton Doha, Kempinsky Doha and the Four Seasons.

It was a pleasant mix of food, events, chefs, staff, venues, special celebrations like Ramadan, Eid al Fitr as well as Xmas tree lighting.

"The photos are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!
Thank you for the fast delivery, the press release is already send out!"

Japonese Blossom Festival, St Regis Doha, Qatar

Leanne Mills - Director Marketing Communications St Regis Doha.

Interested in commercial photography for your business
by Amara Photos?
Will be happy to hear from you!

In the end all business is personal


Teaming up with in house MC and PR departments

it’s all about your business story

​Customized - Amara Photography services are always customized and personalised to your needs. That said - please be warned: you are not only bringing in a photographer, but also many years of in-house marketeer and project/event coordinator experience. Invaluable insight on the set, focussing on your needs for marketing communication and real, joined-up team work.

On the job - hands on!  An external photographer with diplomatic skills can ‘boss’ people around in a charming way. Getting a line up of  Arabic Energy Ministers to smile at the camera.  Gordon Ramsay did not explode on a meet-and-greet, when some extra seconds where needed. To get his guest to take on a more flattering pose... Gordon actually told her: 'Better do as she says. That photographer is even bossier than me...'  

Business needs ​- Amara is at home in the world of branding, creative briefings and strict deadlines. Amara has a strong sense of the images you will need and brings marketing communication experience as extra asset to the table. 

Teaming up with in house marketing or PR departments or editors - it is a good recipe to create images with strong marketing impact. Some of the highlights of how this works:

  • Food 
    Amara's food photography featured among others in a recipe book for the Ritz-Carlton Doha and as the presentation photos of Qatari food on a prestigious trade delegation of Qatar to Japan. And just two days before moving to Peru – shooting the adverts of Gordon Ramsay's Opal’s new menu.

  • Top End Resorts & Hotels - PR & Marketing Communication
    Privileged to photograph extensively for St Regis Doha, Ritz-Carlton Doha as well for Grand Hyatt and Sheraton. Ranging from the capturing '1001 night fairy-tale looks of the Ramadan tents' to close ups of Art Pieces. Teaming up as 'external-in-house' MC photographer - it resulted in generated free publicity it into ‘Qatar Happening’ and ‘Doha Time Out’ with solid frequency. Press releases delivered with powerful photos to the  media– it works! Lebanese singer & actor Mike Massy even landed a cover because of this approach.

  • Assigned photographer at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha

  • Unique value- the first Jazz At Lincoln Center outside New York was opening up at my home town Doha. Gotta be part of that - Amara pitched a full photographic concept. From Grand Opening untill the impressive last performance of the third season- captured it all. Amara created signature branding for Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha in print, social media and within the club's interior. Besides that, Amara produced two CDcovers for grammy nominated artist Omar Sosa and many other musicians still use their images as profile photos on their social media.

Quote (will be accompanied with photo)

Hey Cissy!

Thank you so much for taking your time to come and do this shoot. These are super cool and classy shoots, and really represent well how we want our image to be portrayed in the community.

We LOVE your work, and your passion for music and capturing the great moments.
You're awesome.



Dominick Farinacci
Global Jazz Ambassador for Jazz at Lincoln Center,
American Jazz trumpeter, composer and big band leader 


About music & art photography

capturing the essence of your art


Creative talents add extra beauty to our precious planet.

Musicians performing in the spotlights,

Artists creating their unique art pieces at their creative ateliers


It inspiring vibes thrives Amara Photos to capture the artistic talents work most vividly.

For the art be showcased professionally – around the corner in the local press,

and to ‘go viral’ on the world wide web…


It's all about Your art in the spotlight it deserves!  


# jazz tunes
looking at your photos - I can  hear the music

“Looking at your photos – I can hear the music”, such a huge compliment from a VIP visitor at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha.

From the opening onwards Amara Photos was the assigned photographer of Jazz At Lincoln Center NY first branch abroad – located at the prestigious St Regis Doha. Rehearsals, vibrant performances at the club, live concerts at the park of the Museum of Islamic Art, to sunrise portrait sessions at the middle of the Inland Sea Sand dunes – privileged to be up close to enjoy so many diverse Jazz tunes!

At my last week of the third season – an unexpected invite in Amara’s inbox: “The Band Want To Throw You A Very Loud Peru Send Off Party!!!''

No matter what make up advertisments promise: Mascara is So Not Waterproof….

# all music
Opera - Country- Blues - classic

Amara Photos heart is forever in love with live music.

From the many Amazing Jazzy tunes to the chilling magnificent version of the Opera ‘Nessun Dorma’ by Glen.

To the emotional ‘Smile’ by Darius D, to the enjoyment of the sweetest loveliest violin tunes of the Berikova ladies to the happiness of ‘Let the love flow’ from the Bellamy Brothers.

It was incredible to be around to capture the complete stories.

From jetlegged sound checks, vibrant performances to the meet & greet with fans afterwards!

for artistic 'Jamming'

From Jazzy New York tunes and Arabic sounds, on to the live Latin music scene!  

First notes - “Amor” (love) and “Corazon” (heart) are words you hear in about every Latin song. Music is there to be heard, photos are there to be seen - and both are there to be enjoyed. Looking forward to team up for 'Artisic Jamming' with passionate performers in Peru/ Latin America. 

Let's capture you, zooming in on Singing about Love!


Estava à toa na vida

O meu amor me chamou

Pra ver a banda passar

Cantando coisas de amor

Dear Magical Cissy,

As this two weeks journey in Doha comes to an end

I want to thank you for making it an amazing unforgettable experience.

Thank you for your positive energy and enthusiasm,

I just loooooooooooooooove your photos!

Sending you my wings ( I do have wings, yes)



Dear Magical Cissy,

As this two weeks journey in Doha comes to an end

I want to thank you for making it an amazing unforgettable experience.

Thank you for your positive energy and enthusiasm,

I just loooooooooooooooove your photos!

Sending you my wings ( I do have wings, yes)



Mike Massy, singer, songwriter, performer, composer, arranger, pianist and actor


Interested in photography to put your art in the spotlights?
Will be happy to hear from you!

Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe - Lao Tzu


About Travel photography

capturing our beautiful world


Encantada de la Vida

Travelling is a way to ‘Encantada de la Vida’ (Embracing the pleasures of life)

Amara Photos travels crossed paths with many breathtaking sceneries and experiences.

Among which:

Saudi Arabia * nepal * Qatar * Ecuador * Chili * Sri Lanka * spain  


with life time dear memories captured

Amara Photos has been priveleged to travel extensively, some of the absolute highlights being:

  • Enjoying the deafening silence at the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter desert);

  • Listing to the magical sissels of the geysers in the Chilean Atacama desert;

  • Taking in the grandeur of Doha’s modern city architecture to ancient world wonder Machu Picchu in Peru;

  • The magic temples in Nepal and refreshing greens of Sri Lanka;

  • And of course, every where - Indulging the taste of the local food!

and sharing the beauty

Central in the travels the fascinating encounters with people from all cultures –
always an enrichment to zoom in at unique life stories around the corner and further away

Amara Photos is always ready to travel - as packing is simple:
an extra pair of jeans or a speciality wide angle lens? 

Easy - the lens always wins : ) 

It’s been a privelege to have Amaras travel photos and peoples portraits featured in travel magazines like the Saudi Voyager, at sites and on several exhibitions.

A Whole New World

Inspiration how to look at the world -

Shining, shimmering, splendid!

With sooooooooo many beautiful places to see and precious moments to remember.

How can one not be inspired to photograph!

​ Interested in the travel ventures is Amara Photos is up to?
Great, you're invited to travel along!

Round and round and away we go,

4 x 4 and away we go
Jurci Travel Ventures, cruising & playing on max volume: Miley Cyrus 4 x 4



Perú was the most wonderful experience!
I am looking at the photos at the link so send me.

Looking together with Blanca, and now she thinks we should plan 
a family vacation with the four of us to Perú

Lieke Lange, mother of 2, exploring Perú on a 'Ladies Only' Jurci


on personal projects

With my curiosity as thriving force,
I am always exploring
- close by around the corner and far away -
focusing to capture 
the interesting sides of life

Photography for me is a way
to give a precious gift

The gift 
of dear beloved people,
of beautiful things,
of unique moments,
and special places
captured in vibrant photos


Images to last as unfading memories

I am always seeking for the right light -  
I am photographing for sharing the wonders around us

Looking upon the world with a Smiley Perspective,

It's all about * photographing to share the wonders around us * Smiley Perspective 

No Limitations
Chasing the wonders

I deny to limit my photography life

to just one or two 'specializations'.


I believe in 'don't you dare close your eyes'!!!


There is Really No Need for self limitations.In my experience, the wide photography perspective I use comes with great cross over effects.

At the Jazz club I learnt to photography with low light conditions, without flash. I use that to my landscape photography work now.

Personal Photograpy

And rules are ment to be broken

I love colours -

and despite the official color theory:
I think Black & White are beautiful colors too

I default to 'Thinking outside of the Box' -

with my head up in the clouds i fly
while my feet are firmly on the ground

I love diversity - 

however for a while
it's wonderful to projectwise focus exclusively on one subject

I  Slow Down -
to capture the action
going around in our dynamic world


"I know.
It's an ugly wall with mold.
Just give me 5 minutes, and I come, promise"

 Cissy Freestyle in Sri Lanka

Water under the brige - walls of the tunnel, Sri Lanka

Interested in the freestyle work by Amara Photos?
Check out the latest work!

One can go to a fancy Spa to completely relax

For Amara - freestyle wandering around equals that