Exhibition impressions - Cacao ¡Perspectiva!  
About Cacao ¡Perspectiva!

March 2019 I was introduced by Amanda of Cacaotal to the ladies of Concienca Chocolate.

It was the start of from now onwards always eating chocolate with a different perspective - Utter Respect and Recuerdas de Alegría (Happy Memories).


The trip to the organic cacao plantage resulted in an exhibition at Cacaotal. Later a video serie 'Cacao Journey' will be released - surely i will get back to you about that. For now, I invite you to go to the Peruvian jungle with me, and found out about the beauty of the chocolate base - Cacao!

Enjoy & Hugs,



Treat yourself, click this link and see all images full size, one by one.

Be ready to wander around at the plantage, and meet the smiling neighbor of the cacao fruit!

About the photographer & chocolate


My first memory of chocolate? That is easy.

The letter C in Milk Chocolate, of my name Cissy.

Being Dutch, that is every year one of the presents of 'Sinterklaas' (the Dutch Santa at 5th of December).

I also remember... Feeling annoyed that my best friend Marieke had more chocolate, as the letter M clearly contains more chocolate... Only later i realized... all are in the same quantity. But hey, the optics...they clearly are in favor of the letter M...

A profound memory is also binge eating on 'Koetjes repen' and 'Smarties'. Nowadays, I am a 70% -88% cacao chocolate bar girl. AJ and Sheila - yes, you made me grow up, chocolate wise that is...!

From now onwards, chocolate will always take me back to 'Alegría' - the organic cacao plantage in the jungle of Peru. I had NO IDEA how much care and work goes into producing our beloved chocolate! WOW!

Behind the Scenes

AJ of Cacaotal - for the invite for this exhibition (and the chocolate tasting adventures you put me on track on

Conciencia Chocolate Crew- unforgetable wonderful times, priveliged to work with you all!

Angel, thanks for going the extra miles to make the exhibition 'level' and your great eye for detail! ¡Excellente! to be inspired it can be done. However, indeed, the experience of the whole DIY project did learn me: I will stay away from a new career of being a carpenter (or astronout)- too much math-numbers involved ; )

Sheila, for introducing me to the wonders of food - among which the true appreciation of the real deal for chocolate. At Cacaotal - surely worthwhile to visit for those in Lima. Read all about it at Sheila's fine article for Living in Peru: Cacaotal The Chocolate Shop.

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