the right size for the right purpose

My photography activities are under the name 'Amara Photos'. That sometimes leads to confusion, as my name is actually Cissy. But hey, read about the meanings of 'Amara' to understand why i have choosen that business name. Also, it spells why easier and intuitive than 'Sisi-Cizi-Sissi-Cissie'....

when i took my first photo

Firstly - I proudly present my very first photo's I ever took. At my defense - I was only seven and with a technical complete unawareness.


I do vivedly remember how great it felt to go outside, with my mom's camera, all by myself!



Experience- QATAR
Food, Events, Five Star hotels,
Ramadan, Qatar Red Crescent


The Ritz-Carlton Doha gave me to opportunity to dive into the world of food photography.

With our wonderful ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ Chef’s recipe book as result!

Via the Community Footprint programm of Ritz-Carlton, I came in contact with the Qatar Red Crescent. As only non-arabic speaking volunteer, I managed to contribute through my photos.   

Encantada de la Vida!
Enjoying Life


Motto since my backpacking days,
with the intent to keep that up till my last granny days