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focus on the sparkles of life

 It's all about 
  focusing on 
your Signature Elegance,
Sparkling Smiles
shared between a Couple,
 the Special Bond 
of a Family or
Best Friends

From lighting to art direction, I can ensure all details will be taken care of when it comes time to focus on you and yours. 

The photo session can take place wherever you please, or I can give a few ideas based on the concept you have in mind. As well, the doors to the Amara Studio are always open. No matter the location, we will have fun working together and tossing around ideas. After all, these photos will have eternal personal importance and there's no need to rush.

Where has the time gone?!

The circle of life seems to be going

in fast forward these days


Blink twice and you'll find that your Sweet Little One turned

into a Trendy Teen, seemingly overnight!


So before you let them discover adulthood on their own, 

Let's freeze some of the special moments we have now.

"We love the photos! Thank you so much!
My cousin wants a session too. When do you have time?"

Mery - Proud sister and super proud aunt of Gia and Joselyn 
Photo shoot at Amara's homely studio in Lima, Perú
Little Stars
Adorable Babies & Toddlers

Their teeny tiny hands and feet,

Their sweet and wandering gaze of  eyes newly taking in the world,


A sleepy yawn turning into that beautiful smile.


The admiration of the proud parents looking at their little wonder.


The first wobbly steps.

Some of my favorite moments to capture are those shared between a new life and a growing family.

Time to play!


Whether her favorite color is pink or blue (or green), there's a good chance that your daughter loves to play dress up.

You've probably seen her trying on mom's handbags, shoes, jewelry and even make-up, so let's bring some of that fun in front of the camera.

There'll be need to stress about what to bring, as I can advise you on that. Share a lovely mom-daughter time during the photo shoot, an experience that'll be as memorable as the images themselves.


Little Hero
Action shots

Let him bring some of his favorite toys,

The shirt of his favorite sports team or movie character—whatever will fill him with positive energy.

He will be dreading to stand still and pose

So we'll let him run, jump and play.


Today is all about having fun and being ourselves!​

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