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at home in magical Peru

 It's all about 

Such a colorful country
the abundant green rainforest
surrounding new World Wonder

Machu Picchu

wherever you are in Perú,
jungle, coast or

high up in the Andes Mountains,
you will always encounter
Delicious food 

Beautiful, raw landscapes
and vibrant villages

When people find out I have lived in Peru, they often remark it is on their bucket list of places to visit —as it should be!

There are so many wonderful places to visit, cultural customs to experience, and challenges to take on (Inca trail!) within the limits of one country. Of course, should you like any travel tips or questions answered I would be more than happy to share from my experience!

Until the day comes that you travel to Peru, take a photographic tour through the coast, the Amazon, the highlands and of course Machu Picchu. 

¡Disfrute! Enjoy!

Off the beaten path
Travel tips for lesser known gems in Peru

A six hours drive from the capital city of Lima, the Andes mountain range in the area of Huaraz is definitely one of the lesser known gems to explore. You don't need to be a top-fit mountain climber, as even from the comfort of a car the views are amazing.

For those seeking warmer temperatures, take a trip up north to Mancora where, from mid July to early October, you can have the unbelievable experience watching whales jump out of the water and next to your boat! 

Peru was the most wonderful experience!
I am looking at the photos from the link you sent me.


Looking together with Blanca, and now she thinks we should plan a family vacation with the four of us to Peru.

Lieke Lange, mother of 2, exploring Peru twice
on a 'Ladies Only' Jurci Travel trip
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