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focus on the essence of your art

Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha, Qatar

Dear Magical Cissy,

As this two weeks journey in Doha comes to an end

I want to thank you for making it an amazing unforgettable experience.

Thank you for your positive energy and enthusiasm,

I just loooooooooooooooove your photos!

Sending you my wings (I do have wings, yes)



Mike Massy,
Singer, songwriter, composer,
arranger, pianist and actor

 It's all about  
putting talent

and Creativity
 in the spotlight  

to add extra beauty

to our precious planet. 


From center stage to a quaint artist's studio, creative talent inspires me to capture their work in striking images.

My goal is that the images allow the art to be showcased professionally – whether that's by way of a mention in the local newspaper or in a posh online interview that goes viral.

Jazz tunes
Looking at your photos I can hear the music

“Looking at your photos I can hear the music." This was a huge compliment I received from a VIP visitor at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha.

From the opening night and onward, Amara Photos was the assigned photographer of Jazz At Lincoln Center Doha— the first international location for the leading New York jazz venue. 


So many jazz tunes of distinct styles delighted my ears as I captured vibrant performances at the club, live concerts at the park of the Museum of Islamic Art, and even sunrise portrait sessions at the middle of the Inland Sea sand dunes.

Diverse beats
Opera - Country - Blues - Classic

Since the first tunes of Prince at the 'Sign o' the Times' tour in 1987, my heart has forever been in love with live music.

In Qatar I had a ball, combining my love for concerts and photographing from front row.

From the many amazing jazz instrumentalists to the chilling version of the opera ‘Nessun Dorma’ by Glen; the emotional ‘Smile’ by Darius D to the loveliest of violin tunes of the Berikova ladies.

Beyond the main show, I was also around for jet-legged sound checks and the post performance meet & greet with fans. It was incredible to be able to capture the complete story. 

Estava à toa na vida

O meu amor me chamou

Pra ver a banda passar

Cantando coisas de amor

For artistic 'Jamming'


From Jazzy New York tunes and Arabic sounds, on to the live Latin music scene!  

First notes - “Amor” (love) and “Corazon” (heart) are words you hear in about every Latin song. Music is there to be heard, photos are there to be seen - and both are there to be enjoyed.


Looking forward to team up for 'Artisic Jamming' with passionate performers in Peru/ Latin America. 

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