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 It's all about
the wonders that surround us
and sharing the images as a gift

The gift 
of special moments, beloved people,

beautiful artifacts, unique places—

all captured 

to last as

unfading memories

With my curiosity as a thriving force,

I am always exploring
- close by, around the corner and far away -
focusing to capture 
all sides of life


No Limitations
chasing the beauty

I refuse to limit my photography and personal life to just one or two 'specializations.'


There is really No Need for self limitations. In my experience, the wide photography perspective I use comes with great cross over effects.

While working with a jazz club, for example, I learned to photograph with low light conditions and no flash. My travel photos benefit greatly from that now.


It's about always growing and discovering how my passion goes hand in hand with other passions of my own and those of the people I meet.

Personal take on photography
there are three sides to a coin

I love colors...

and despite the official color theory,
I think Black and White are beautiful colors too

I default to 'Thinking outside the Box'...

with my head up in the clouds, I fly
while my feet stand firmly on the ground

I love diversity...

however, while working on a project,
it's wonderful to focus exclusively on one subject

I slow down...
to capture the action
in our dynamic world

'I know.
It's a ugly wall with mold.
Just give me five minutes more.
I will come, promise'. 


Cissy Freestyling in Sri Lanka
One can go to a fancy Spa to relax
For me: Camera + freestyle wandering around 
equals complete relaxation 

Zen Amara Photos

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