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 It's all about
in flavorful food,

Toasting to life,


the special ambiance 
dining out,
or gathering for a


Food is to be indulged and, preferably, to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones. 

My camera is my favorite utensil in the kitchen. Watching chefs work to create their culinary wonders (and manage to keep all ten fingers) is pure magic to me.


In Qatar, I worked alongside talented chefs at Gordon Ramsay's Opal, as well as Jeremy Steele of La Mar, Doha’s most romantic restaurant. With the brilliant chefs of Ritz-Carlton Doha we created the ‘Ritz-Carlton Chefs' recipe book for VIP guests’.

These experiences, and many others that followed, confirmed that every chef has his or her 'secret' touch or ingredient that wows the table.

Similarly, I have a few 'Food Photography Secrets' to evoke a mouthwatering sensation from an image.
How you can benefit from this? Scroll on to find out!

Powerful images of your irresistible food

Like a visual appetizer for your potential guests, your images should portray your dishes in the most appealing way possible. There is an art to preparing food especially for the camera – and it’s a skill  that I have ample experience in executing.

Step one: Cook up a concept. Determining the overall look and feel that we aim to capture makes plating and styling dishes 'a piece of cake.' 

Step two: Don't skimp on integrity. Just as in portrait photography, some angles of dishes are more provoking than others—but using real, natural ingredients is a must. 


Step three: It's all in the details. With our combined talents we can perfect the plating in order to showcase the chef's signature style in each image. 

A la Carte
The food photography menu

Amara Photos has an extensive food photography ‘menu’ to choose from: Editorial coverage of a complete food story; documentation of guests' experience; feature images of a single dish; venue shots and chefs' portraits. 

Cross-channel marketing gives so many great options to generate a strong customer involvement. Based on your social media strategy and plan we can get a varied set of images, whether it's behind the scenes images for Facebook, mouthwatering process shots for Pinterest, quick stories for Instagram or longer editorial stories for magazines.

To mix passion for cooking with passion for photography


When I moved to in Peru in 2014, it was my time to Indulge in Latin American food!

  • Ceviche!

  • Causa!

  • Quinoa!


My first attempt to make Quinoa made one thing clear:
I wouldn't be opting for culinary career anytime soon. 

Photographing for the food reviews for, I dived into the amazing culinary scene of Peru. Wow! 

For Chefs who like their creations to be photographed to generate attention to your venue-  most happy to create your images for promotional use!

For a new project I am looking for Ambitious Talented Chefs. Chefs 

who are ready to take on culinary challenge - with as one of the sure gains:  a professional set of images of your recipe and a signature Chef portrait- starring.. YOU : )

Just contact me, and I will let you know where it's about! 

"Thanks to Cissy from Amara Photos,
the photographer who took all these amazing photos"

Richard Green, Executive Chef Ritz Carlton Doha, 
Chef of the Year 2012 - awarded by Caterer Magazine Middle East
Preface Recipe book - Out of the Box,
Chef's creations from Ritz Carlton Doha
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Amara's vision on food 

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