Proper usage of our (non watermarked!) photos 

Photos are there to be seen and to be enjoyed.

Amara has an non conventional take on usage rights matters. Trusting persons respect simple courtesy guidelines: it is easy to put proper accreditation when you are putting the images out to share with your world.

Thhis as Amara severely loaths burnt in watermarking in images. No matter how much Amara likes her logo. For her images: The visual enjoyment should Purely Focused on the visual enjoyment of the photo.  
Not to be disturbed by promotional branding.
So against many good business advices - I still don't fixate my logo in the images. Please Support my Subbornish vision on this matter, by putting proper accredition to AmaraPhotos at sharing/usage!

  • Social Media Sharing
    Fair trade off - return the courtesy:
    Those who love to share my images, for personal, non-commercial purposes - preferably share using the social media sharing options at your gallery as provided at website.

    If you share it separatly, after downloading -  just put in the accompanying text/tag/hashtag 'by' as accreditation.

    Please send me the link to where you post the images -  so I can cross link to it : ) 

  • Usage for Print
    At editorial usage, externally or internally, accredition like 'images by AmaraPhotos'  or 'Photography by' is fine.

    Work featured in print editorials - please send me a PDF of the editorial in high resolution, for my portfolio at 'Featured work'. Love the feel of paper, so where possible - to have a hard copy provided is a usual gesture from the marketeer / editor to the photographer.

  • Other usages
    Just contact me! I love to accomodate the best usage of our images - also by providing the right file for the right job. Read all about that at the page 'About File Sizes'

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