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 It's all about 

zooming in

on the


lives of Animals

My very first photo

was of a pony 

and my favorite animal is the penguin, 

though I'll gleefully

take photos of any fauna,

no matter if it begins with the letter 'p' or not

intriguing, lovable creatures

I gave my first presentation in sixth grade of primary school, and I knew it had to be about one particular subject: Penguins. The Emperor Penguin, to be exact!

I am still amazed by penguins. The cute factor of their waddling movements, the impressive ability to stand in the freezing cold, and their romantic instinct to find a lifelong soulmate. 



February 7, 2014  

And there he Argentina's Ushuaia of Tierra del Fuego,

my first encounter with my beloved Emperor Penguin! 

Puira Airport, Perú

Two impressive moments in one day.


Hours after whale watching in northern Peru, I saw the then President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, in the airport on my way back to Lima.


"¿Please, a photo with a tourist who loves your country very much?", I asked him, in Spanish. And he happily obliged, grinning widely when I blurted out that "I SAW A WHALE JUMPING OUT OF THE SEA TODAY!" 


Next time I will ask the Whale to hang a bit longer in the air, to get that image as well. For now, it's an amazing and lasting memory.

with Perú president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
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